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Hubert Howard: A Man for All Seasons

Product Details
Hardback (BB)
208 pages -
illustrated throughout with black and white photographs and 16 pages of colour plates.
Hubert Howard: A Man for All Seasons
Hardback (BB)
RRP: £25.00
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Product Description

Hubert Howard: A Man for All Seasons

This affectionate and compelling biography tells the story of Hubert Howard, volunteer soldier, conservationist and scion of one of the oldest families of the English nobility, who found his true vocation through his love of Italy, his marriage to Lelia Caetani, his stewardship of her family’s rich patrimony including the iconic garden of Ninfa, and his lasting contribution to Italian culture.


‘Hubert Howard is a beautifully written, carefully researched biography that tells the story of a life lived quietly with compassion, humour, intelligence and courage. Hubert Howard was so modest a man that, as the author admits, he would probably have said no to any idea of a biography. Fortunately, the book has gone ahead, offering us an unforgettable story. I have been a student and writer of biography for many years, and I feel lucky to have read this book.’ – Gay Daly, author of Pre-Raphaelites in Love and Miss Havilland

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